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(Feb. 24 - March 1, 2014)

U.S. Departure Date: February 23, 2014

Return Date: March 02, 2014


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Venice is a wonderfully romantic and charming city any time of the year, but during Carnavale the pageantry, the vivid colors, and costumed people will take your breath away. While many cultures and countries celebrate their version of Carnival at the same time, only Venice steps you back in time as you stroll along narrow streets and embrace the grandeur of magnificent architecture that is more than 600 years old. You will see the most amazing and innovative costumes that take designers a year to create.


Conducting this Photo Excursion and Workshop are Deborah Kolb and Kim Wilson, two Los Angeles-based photographers and founders of Lifestyle Photography Workshops. They will lead a small group of 12 photographers through the streets to photograph awe-inspiring architecture and Venetian-style costumed models in private shoots. Venice Carnavale is a photographer's dream and you will shoot more images than you ever thought possible in a five-day period.


Lifestyle Photography Workshops is collaborating with Willett Travel as an operator of this tour who has been in business since 1943 right here in San Fernando Valley, CA.



– Private shoots of costumed models in various locations throughout Venice

– Photographing famous architecture and Venetian landscapes

– Learn camera, lighting and posing techniques

– Review sessions to critique everyone’s photographs

– Processing techniques to enhance your images


Duration: 5 full days of touring, shooting, instruction and reviews


Tour Dates: February 24 – March 1 (you must arrive by the evening of February 24th. We will have an opening reception at 6:30pm)


Tour cost: Starting at $3,290.00 per person (Double Occupancy)

Single supplement:   $850.00

Upgrade to room with a view of Grand Canal is $450.00 for the whole 6 nights. This type of room is limited.


DEPOSIT and PAYMENT$2000 down is required to reserve your spot on this tour, the remaining amount is due on or before August 24th.

Deposit /Payment to Willett Travel, 12532 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604


Included: hotel, daily breakfast, wine and cheese reception evening of February 24, farewell dinner evening of March 1, week-long Venice public Vaporetto pass


Not included: international transportation to Venice or transportation to and from the airport, meals (except those indicated) and admission to tourist sites are the financial responsibility of the participant. American citizens are not required to have a visa to enter Italy.



We will stay at the Palazzetto Pisani, a small boutique hotel located right on the Grand Canal. Palazzetto Pisani Boutique Resort looks out over the Grand Canal, between the Accademia Bridge and Piazza San Marco, where Venice reveals herself in all her splendor. All the rooms are large suites arranged for double or single occupancy.



You will be given a week-long pass for the Venice Public Transportation, known as the Vaporetto or ACTV. This way we can conveniently hop on and off public transportation at will. It is cheaper to purchase the pass in advance so be sure not to loose it. A replacement will cost €45 and each 12-hour pass is €16. This pass does not include airport transfers or allow for transportation via water taxi. All activities within the tour that are accessible by boat will take place on the Vaporetto.



Every day we will photograph the Carnavale festivities and the beautiful architecture that is so identified with the city of Venice. We have one shoot scheduled on the island of Burano, known for its colorful buildings and tiny canals. Getting to Burano takes about 45-minutes on the Vaporetto and is included in your boat pass.


Each morning at St. Mark’s Cathedral and Square, models pose for hundreds of photographer's. In addition to our private shoots we will take you to two of these morning sessions. If you choose to attend the morning shoots the other days on your own you are welcome to do so but it will be your responsibility to be back in time for breakfast or the beginning of the tour's activities for that day.


At the hotel, you will be given a schedule for each day's activities, however, due to weather or unexpected occurrences beyond our control, the daily schedule might change, so be flexible. We purposely scheduled all our actives for the weekdays as the final weekend of Carnavale gets incredibly crowded. Just keep this in mind if you plan to extend your stay. You may prefer to come earlier rather than stay later.



Among the many topics we will cover during our meetings in the hotel and while shooting are:

  • How to pose and photograph models

  •  How to get a proper exposure in various types of lighting situations

  • With the most engaging and inspiring backdrops in Europe, you will learn composition techniques that will take your photography to a new level

  • Practice with external lighting and light modifiers

  • Photo reviews include critiquing the overall quality of exposure, composition, model expression, emotion and movement. Additionally, post-processing techniques with various programs will be demonstrated.


This photo excursion includes hands-on training and is designed to take your skills to a new level, regardless of where you started from. While we say all skill levels are welcome we have one caveat: you must already be a DSLR user. Point and shoot cameras are too limiting for the training you will receive. You need a DSLR (or a mirror less exchangeable lens camera) to take full advantage of the training and photographic opportunities that are being arranged for you.


Please have, at the bare minimum, a working knowledge of your camera. Don't go out and purchase a DSLR days before your arrival. There are only 12 people on this tour and we want everyone to receive the best training possible.


A tripod is necessary for shooting early morning and twilight photography. Make sure the tripod is sturdy and capable of shooting horizontally and vertically. If you do not own a tripod, look for one that is light and collapsible for travel. Monopods are workable though far less stable.


You are not required to bring a computer, though you should have some method for backing up your photo cards each day. Also, you will need a method to provide images to the instructor for the photo critique, such as a USB flash drive. Expect to fill up, at least, one 8GB card a day when shooting RAW. If you shoot JPEG be open to the idea that during this tour you may decide to switch (we're evangelists on the subject), so bring plenty of memory storage.


If you have any questions about your equipment or what you may want to purchase for the tour, please email:  or




This workshop requires a lot of walking.  While Venice is relatively flat, there are many steps and footbridges scattered throughout. The only way to get around Venice is by foot and by boat, there are no cars, motor coaches, bicycles or motorcycles allowed. You will be given a week-long boat pass, though some places can only be reached by foot. So, if you have any trouble walking or negotiating steps, some of the activities, though generally considered easy to moderate, could be too difficult for you. We want every participant to get the maximum enjoyment from this photo excursions so please consider the activity level before reserving your spot.


Wear comfortable shoes and sometimes in winter there can be rain and even snow, so bring plenty of warm clothes. It can be extremely cold in the morning and warm up in the afternoon so bring a few layers of clothing, an umbrella, a hat and gloves. (Find gloves with no fingers or are thin enough to allow making adjustments on your camera. Gloves designed for touch screen phones also work well.)



Up until August 24th, 2013

Refund all but $200 of the amount paid.

Between 6 and 3 Months of the event

40% cancellation fee

Between 3 and 2 months of the event

70% cancellation fee

Between 2 and 1 month of the event

80% cancellation fee

30 Days before event

100% cancellation fee



For further information and booking, please contact:


Ricko Tindage

Phone: 818-762-0676 Ext. 228




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